Letting your Personality Shine with a Sleeve Tattoo
05.08.2014 18:50

Do you enjoy having the ability to express your emotions? This can be done in a variety of different ways, such as dressing in a certain manner, speaking a certain way or getting ink placed on your body. Many people prefer the latter, since tattoos are an artsy way to express them. When you begin thinking about getting a tattoo, you’ll quickly become awed by your options. You have plenty of open skin, many designs and various colors to choose from. How do you decide which tattoo is right for you? It is fairly obvious that you’re going to want to choose something that catches your eyes. You may have gone through a life-changing experience and want to capture it in the form a tattoo. Either way, a tattoo is a great way to express an emotion or capture an important memory.

Going with a Sleeve

If a small tattoo doesn’t fit your style, you may want to go for something a little larger. Have you ever through about covering one of your limbs with a tattoo? When you do this, it is generally referred to as a sleeve. Sleeve tattoos can cover the legs or the arms. When getting a leg sleeve, it will go from your ankle to your knee. On the arm, the tattoo will go from the shoulder to the elbow or the elbow to the wrist. This gives you a specific amount of skin to work with. With such a large canvas, you have plenty of options to mess around with. Visiting with a tattoo artist is a good idea at this point. They’ll be able to provide you with realistic and cool designs.

Finding Designs and Styles

When it comes to sleeve tattoos, you’ll have a variety of different styles to choose from. Would you like to go with a Mexican style? Maybe you’d rather have a skull going down your arm? You’ll also need to begin considering colors. Or maybe you’d rather have an all black tattoo? When you reach this point, you’ll want to begin looking for designs. One way to do this is to visit a tattoo parlor and speak with an artist. You’ll also want to take your search to the Internet. When you search for tattoo sleeves online, you’ll be able to view other people’s tattoos. This is much different than looking at designs on a sheet of paper. Looking at the design already in place will give you a much better representation of the future.


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